About Burks Investment Group, Inc.

Burks Investment Group, Inc. began in 2020 with aggressive goals to diversify and expand a glowing real estate portfolio.  As each managing team member is versed in a variety of areas of real estate and company management, BIG, Inc. has achieved all objectives at a pace that is secure and offers exceptional returns for all our members and partners. Between AirBnBs, flips, rentals, and shared housing ventures, BIG, Inc. has diversified income revenues with exceptional ROI’s for all parties.  

We offer a wide range of services benefitting new and seasoned investors, and renters.

Our Vision

Creating lasting systems for real estate owners and investors to create generational wealth while allowing them to take a more hands-off approach to passive income.

Our Mission

To provide real estate investing security for owners while creating housing options for tenants in a variety of markets.

Our Core Values

Integrity • Professionalism • Team Building • Focused • Dedicated • Dependable • Quality Craftsmanship

What We Offer

Our clients trust us to have their back. This is how we do that:

Ethical Business Practices

Integrity is a BIG deal for our team. We perform all duties ethically and with our clients in mind. It’s just the right thing to do.

Premium Customer Service

Our clients’ satisfaction is our main concern. We are honored to provide service at a level that keeps tenant and property owners content.

Customized Plans

 We know each property (and property owner) is different, and we treat them as such. Speak with a member of our team to find out what we can offer to your unique situation.

Thorough Screening Processes

We treat our clients’ properties like our own. When searching for a new tenant, we run extensive credit and background checks so you know everything you need to know, and then some.

Online Account Management

Convenience is another priority for our team. Our website provides 24/7 access to accounting ledgers, property info, and more. Tenants can pay rent and submit maintenance requests in their portal, as well.

Competitive Rates & Best Quality

Our clients trust that our team provides the best possible customer service and attention to detail, all while maintaining fair pricing.

Meet Our Team

This diverse group is responsible for the astronomical growth and lofty goals associated with BIG, Inc. Say hello to our team:

Colton Burks

CEO, Burks Investment Group, Inc.

For over 10 years Colton Burks has been in the new home construction industry. He has been a noteworthy leader in every area of that space. You may know him from his contributions as an Area Manager and New Home Specialist at Hughston Homes.  Colton can be credited with explosive growth in all areas of New Home Construction, Sales, and Client Experience. Burks Investment Group has been honored with Colton’s direct leadership and strong ethics in guiding our company forward in real estate investments. Colton currently resides in Georgia.

Dalton Burks

COO, Burks Investment Group, Inc.

Dalton Burks has been a distinguished leader in all areas of home and business construction for 7 years, from ground up construction, remodels, to project management he has led a team of contractors to achieve admirable results. You may know Dalton from his leadership and project management for a large Coffee Franchise that began on the west coast and is now Nationwide, called Dutch Brothers Coffee.  From maintaining a smooth flow for their Colorado Franchisee’s to managing a team of broistas (baristas) in Colorado Springs.  Dalton leads all our construction teams for every project we are working on.  His extensive knowledge in construction has been a huge asset to our continued success. Dalton Currently resides in Colorado. 

Leslie Lyon

CFO, Burks Investment Group, Inc.

Leslie Lyon has directed and launched numerous start-ups in California. Having been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, Leslie knows the challenges and opportunities available for explosive growth for many niche industries.  Her most recent accomplishments have been recognized in the Mobile Bar Industry as a first generation leader. Her company Tipsy Horse Mobile Bar Co. in Northern California has tripled in size in less than three years. Leslie’s genius zone is structuring companies for aggressive growth at a secure pace for financial success. Leslie partners with our management team to ensure every transaction meets our company growth plan and core values. Leslie currently resides in California.

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